“We live in a world where we are so connected with technology and social media, yet still so disconnected as a society. At spavia, the power of human touch, the relationships we build, delivering an exceptional experience and allowing our guests to truly relax, escape and thrive, is what we strive to do every day, with every guest. Our vision in making a positive difference in the lives of others helps to re-connect our society and helps to make this world a better place.

We welcome you to join the spavia family in helping us make a difference with our guests and our communities.”

Allison Langenderfer | Founder

welcome to the spavia family!

We are more than a team…we are the spavia family. Thank you for your interest in working for spavia. We look for the best people that are passionate and focused about caring for others and look for the best in helping us deliver an exceptional experience to each and every guest. Our team comprises our spa retreat managers, lead specialists, massage therapists, estheticians, guest advisors and spa retreat attendants. We also offer internship programs.

spavia offers high quality, customized, affordable spa treatments in a tranquil atmosphere. We offer result-driven treatments through massage, skin care, waxing, body treatments and beauty treatments. If you are someone that has a passion to help others, we’d love to have you join our team and help us work together in making a positive difference in the lives of others to help them relax, escape and thrive!


spavia story

September 25, 2005, spavia opened its doors with a mission and vision of making a positive difference in the world one guest at a time and delivering an exceptional experience our guests couldn’t live without. For us, it’s been about a journey, not a race to build a legacy and reputation of being the best, delivering the best and creating a spavia culture that we are proud of each and every day.

Today, we are doing just that and our focus in creating the best experience with the best products and spa treatments is stronger than ever! We are the fastest growing spa in the world and with that comes great responsibility to ensure that we are offering the best to our guests, our teams, and our franchise owners. We are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to open our doors each day, create exceptional experiences and give back to our communities. Thank you for being a part of the spavia journey and welcome to the spavia family!

why i love spavia

"spavia has been the best place to work! I don't ever feel like I'm going to work; it's a pleasurable experience from the serene environment to having team members that support and care. I also love that spavia incorporates an eco mindset into their business practice by choosing products for their guests and employees that are natural and organic"

Sarah M | Sparta, NJ

team member since 2016

"I feel like I work with family. What I like most about the massages I provide is that people tell me my therapy is authentic. I do it for our guests…to help people live a better life"

Johnny S.| Chicago, IL

team member since 2015

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do and I love working at spavia"

Sherry | Park Meadows, CO

team member since 2007

"spavia teaches me how to go the extra mile for providing great service. There’s no better feeling than a pleased guest and knowing we made it happen working as a team"

Ashley C. | Chicago, IL

team member since 2016

"I love working for spavia because every time I come to work, I get to help make someone's day just a little bit brighter. It's so much fun to recommend our specialists and our services because I always hear such positive feedback from our guests. I love that our team is so united in our effort to take care of our guests, and I love working on a team where I feel supported and encouraged every day on the job."

Hannah Q | Seattle, WA

team member since 2016

"I started working at spavia in 2008, almost a decade ago! One of my favorite things about the spa is our guests that have been coming to see the same specialists for years... I have made some lifelong friendships with a couple of my guests as well as some of my coworkers. Also, I am always proud of how well kept and beautiful the spa itself is... it really is a lovely space with every small detail taken into consideration."

Jennifer G. | Seattle, WA

team member since 2016

"I like what makes us different from other spas…our customization, touchpoints, the calming environment and so much opportunity for growth…and I have the coolest boss ever!! "

Roxanne R | Chicago

team member since 2015

"I love working at spavia because every day I see different examples of our mission and vision being practiced, and it makes me extremely proud to know I work for a company who truly believes in everything they stand for and represent."

Emilee H | Utah

team member since 2013

"I'm enjoying working at spavia! The atmosphere is calm and relaxing. I love how clean and bright everything is. I like how the layout is simple and straightforward yet elegant. I love team/family vibe."

Lorrissa Y | Seattle

team member since 2016

"I like working at spavia because I enjoy doing what I do, I'm passionate about making people happy with our skin care services. I like the skin care lines we work with and enjoy our team as a whole! It's a good positive team that I look forward to coming to work to see!"

Rachel B | Lincoln Park, IL

team member since 2015

"We are all like family here. I feel like everyone pitches in and helps with anything we need to get done. The team really cares about each other and thats for work and as a person."

Brooke S | Reno, NV

team member since 2016

"I thoroughly love my employment at spavia because it gives me a chance to practice my craft amongst a wonderful group of co-workers who show constant support. My superiors have always managed to work with everyone’s schedule in order to fully schedule each and every employee so they are thriving. I feel quite thankful for this opportunity and look forward to my days spent at spavia."

Sarah M | Reno NV

team member since 2016

"I love working for spavia because we help our guests and members with every visit to relax and they can even take a little bit of the spa home with them. It’s a warm and inviting environment to work in."

Lisa J | Reno, NV

team member since 2016

"I love and proud to work at spavia because of the beautiful, clean and calming environment we provide to our guests. They notice when we take pride in what we do and it really makes a positive difference. "

Starrisa R | Reno, NV

team member since 2016

"I love working for spavia because it positively impacts the community in which we reside. Our new guests leave feeling like they received more than they expected and our members can’t wait until their next treatment. As an employee, my work load is appropriate, and I feel my salary is competitive for the industry and location. My leads are encouraging and promote growth within myself and fellow specialists. I tell everyone I know about spavia! "

Erin S | Reno, NV

team member since 2016